Prices may change without notice

spicy Hot & Spicy


Two Choices of BBQ 6.00
Three Choices of BBQ 7.00
Four Choices of BBQ 8.00
Cuttlefish in Chinese Marinade 8.50
Fried Wonton 5.50
Fried Chicken Wings 5.50
Vegetable w. Oyster Sauce 6.95
Lettuce 6.95


Congee with Beef 4.25
Congee with Fish Paste 4.25
Congee with Ground Beef 4.25
Congee with Chicken 4.25
Congee with Fish Slices 4.25
Congee w. Pork Liver 4.50
Congee w. Meat Balls 4.25
Congee with Dry Squids & Jelly Fish 4.50
Congee with Frog 5.95
Congee with Seafood 5.75
Congee w. Pork & Preserved Egg 3.75

Noodle in Soup

Mei Fun / Noodle / Rice Noodle
Wonton Noodle in Soup 5.50
Dumpling Noodle in Soup 5.50
Fish Paste Noodle in Soup 5.50
Beef Navel Noodle in Soup 6.50
Fish Ball Noodle in Soup 5.90
Soy Sauce Chicken Noodle in Soup 5.90
Roasted Duck Noodle in Soup 6.00
Roasted Pork Noodle in Soup 5.90
Fish Paste Noodle 6.50
Wonton in Soup 5.90
Dumpling in Soup 5.90
Rice Balls in Soup 6.50

Fried Fun or Noodle or Rice

Beef Chow Fun (Dry Style) 10.95
Beef Chow Fun (Gravy) 10.95
Beef w. Bitter Melon Chow Fun 11.95
Stir Fried Kway Teow 10.95
Amoy Style Mei Fun 10.95
Singapore Style Curry Mei Fun 10.95
Tai Peng Style Mei Fun 11.95
Soy Sauce Fried Noodles 8.95
Any Style Lai Fun Noodle (Roast Pork / Chicken / Beef) 10.95
Stir Fried Instant Noodle w. XO Sauce 8.95
Rice Noodle Rolls w. Sauce 8.95
Yong Chow Fried Rice 9.95
Beef Fried Rice 9.95
Stir Fried Vegetables w. Garlic Mince 9.95
Beef Bitter Melon Black Bean Sauce 9.95

Roasted Meat on Rice

3 Choices BBQ Combination on Rice 6.25
Two Choices of BBQ on Rice 5.50
Soy Sauce Chicken on Rice 4.75
Roasted Pork on Rice 4.75
Roasted Pig on Rice 4.75
Roasted Duck on Rice 5.00
Orange Cuttle Fish on Rice 6.75

Steamed Rice Rolls

Rice Noodle Rolls w. Dried Shrimp 3.25
Rice Noodle Rolls w. Shrimp 3.50
Rice Noodle Rolls w. Beef 3.25
Rice Noodle Rolls w. Fried Fritter 3.00
Rice Noodle Rolls w. Parsley 3.00
Rice Noodle Rolls w. Fish Paste 3.50
Rice Noodle Rolls w. Fish Slices 3.50
Rice Noodle Rolls w. Shumai 3.50
Plain Rice Noodle Rolls 3.00
Fried Fritter Rice Noodle Rolls w. Beef 3.75
Fried Fritter Rice Noodle Rolls w. Fish 3.75
Fried Fritter Rice w. Shumai 3.75
Rice Noodle Rolls w. Bitter Melon & Beef 3.50
Rice Noodle Rolls w. Preserved Egg & Lettuce 3.50
Rice Noodle Rolls w. Egg & Lettuce 3.50
Rice Noodle Rolls w. Beef Navel 5.95
Rice Noodle Rolls w. Roast Pork 3.50
Rice Noodle Rolls w. Pork & Preserved Vegetable 3.50
Vegetables Rice Noodle Roll 3.25
Crispy Vegetables Rice Noodle Roll 3.75
Pig Liver Rice Noodle Roll 3.50
Shredded Duck Rice Noodle Roll 3.95

Rice Casserole

Preserved Meat Rice Casserole 6.50
Taro with Preserved Meat Rice Casserole 6.95
Poached Egg with Minced Meat Rice Casserole 6.95
Spare Ribs w. Black Bean Sauce Rice Casserole 6.50
Frog Rice Casserole 8.25
Chicken Rice Casserole 6.50
Salted Chicken Rice Casserole 6.50
Yellow Eel Rice Casserole 8.25
Eel Rice Casserole 7.95
Poached Egg with Beef Rice Casserole 6.95
Preserved Vegetable with Minced Meat Rice Casserole 6.95
Preserved Duck Rice Casserole 7.95
Salted Fish and Minced Meat Rice Casserole 6.95
Pork Knuckle Rice Casserole 6.50
Beef Navel Rice Casserole 6.95
Quail Rice Casserole 7.95
Special Combo Rice Casserole 8.95

Chef Special

Summer Truffle County Chicken
Dongpo's Pork
Red Wine Black Pepper Shredded Beef
Taiwan Braised Pork on Rice


Coffee (S) 1.50 (L) 1.95
Tea with Milk (S) 1.50 (L) 1.95
Ovaltine 1.25
Lemon Tea 1.25
Prunella 1.95
Pomelo Honey (Hot) 1.50
Pomelo Honey (Iced) 2.50
Ginger w. Honey (Hot) 1.50
Ginger w. Honey (Iced) 2.50
Red Dates w. Honey (Hot) 1.50
Red Dates w. Honey (Iced) 2.50
Iced Lemon & Honey 2.50
Iced Lemon Tea 2.50
Iced Tea with Milk 2.50
Ice Coffee 2.50